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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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lighting i'm satisfied with the transit improvements and grateful i would - i'm responsive to the concerns that comes from the business community if you want to go ahead with planning and putting in place those meetings that's fine i don't want to go ahead with physical construction unless there's a paths of lighting determined did you we run the risk the project gets done and not come back come back to the lighting i'm not sure saying at the end of the day i'm not voting on lighting but a full package for the residents and businesses at hate it sound like we're almost there but in the quiet. >> i'm going to go ahead i understand the pedestrian scale lighting it is in the works mr. kennedy to our point it is possible that construction on
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the twrit improvements wouldn't start until the funding is in place it doesn't sound like but i don't want to delay the transmitted for the tens of thousand of riders any longer i'm confident that the pedestrian scale lighting is in the works and director reiskin will continue to work with the other agencies and groups but i'd like to about go ahead and approve that leave the timing of the construction up to our agency working with the other agencies i mean, i'll make a motion to approve. >> second. >> i'll second. >> i'd like to make an amendment i've supportive but maybe add language that from the project - when we're were ready to move forward we'll see where the lights are i don't want that
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train to leave the station i want to support the project but at the same time you know i'd like to be able to apply leverage to other city agencies because they have a prioritization model they must look at when they determine those projects and the fact we're moving forward and have the policy should make a difference i want to say whereas the public lighting is an important element of the project i'm trying to put this on the slide so - >> part of project. >> and it is agreed by sfmta and the community that this should happen with our project other than the one big one policy - i guess i'm trying to
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figure out i guess maybe part of the be it therefore resolved when we looked the construction we bring it back to the board to see where the lighting is i feel like we need to have something i'm not sure this is lorntd written but you know but to that point somewhere that the director will continue to work with the notice agencies to get funding prioritized for this project so it can precede with our improvements. >> so as someone that shares director borden's views maybe not do this through a form amendment but the understanding that the transit improvements are approved we're happy about this you've heard loud and clear from the board and businesses that the lights are important and maybe before any meaningful
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construction starts on the construction project we'll get a check back. >> thank you director borden and achieve. >> i feel like whatever i don't know if have - this provides we're serious and want you to move forward that's my biggest thing to kind of state that for the other agencies involved. >> well, i'll add i feel like from the city prospective the puc or dpw you've got the whole city kaildz calling for improvements throughout the city one of the things that's going to encourage them to work with us is an indication from the mta we're ready to work and they should prioritize it to herein on the wagon if we there a
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they'll not prioritize it corridor in the meantime when the said end breaks down my wife is not walk two blocks to jump on the city and county it is two slow so many riders are getting in their cars and driving further x baiting our transit system my thinking we demonstrate to the city agrees this train is moving herein your wagon on it is clear from the community and from staff and all of us pedestrian lighting is critical you know we do want to being sure to make sure that people are safe waiting for transit at night have you but can't wait for the city potential priorities from their prospective to trump the improvements we socializing needs. >> my motion doesn't say 2
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we're ask them to prioritize but the way you create leverage is by moving forward and from the city wants the policy to live with we're digging this is should provide a degree of leverage the only idea of putting this go the motion we're telling the agency we're ready to move forward. >> director heinecke we do this not as a motion. >> an agreement we'll move that and communicate all we've said through staff to the dpw presumably to supervisor president london breed office this is her district and maybe dpw then simply have a report through staff hfa as to where we
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stood with lighting before any major transit construction. >> so the sense of the board thing that's what you're talking about. >> mr. kennedy do you feel that helps the situation so we can show to other agencies we're watching for the pedestrian scale as well. >> yeah. that would be good. >> a point of clarification i think we heard you loud and clear the fund is essential but the fairness to the sister agencies that's one funding source an objective one we need to do in respect for your sentiments and look at it how we modestly might move that fund source it we hear loud and clear we want the project to go but not in pieces we want the lights
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funded for a variety of reasons we get it. >> that's the sense of the board. >> i'm fine i'm used to putting things in a motion. >> clearly what i'm taking away the sentiment of the board there's a discussion for and one of the potential fund sources is that dpw there maybe others that we need to consider. >> i wasn't saying for the mayor's office of economic workforce development or other agencies whatever you need from us if it is simply our communication my experience in other forms of a motion is more effective and motion to approve. >> second. >> hold on a second. >> no amendment. >> so we recall in your
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amendment. >> so roll call the amendment the motion itself. >> severing the motion. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it is it true, mr. kennedy next item. >> item 12 for the transit only lane between 16th street and dubois within the fiscalness of the environmental impact report for the proposals alternative in feasible amending the transportation codes to designate the transit lane and improving the traffic molestations for the transit only lanes on church street. >> mr. chairman we'll ask mr. contend to come forward but this action that we're asking you to take today is, of course, part of the advancements of the muni
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forward we hope to happen has happened a successful story and something we want to put out early on in the process as a way to improve transit and it is doing what we would hope it will do so shawn will take you through the specifics we're pleased to see that is one the tactics we will see working to contribute to service reliability and in the key corridor. >> any members of the public. >> yes. mr. chairman one. >> thank you so, yeah super excited to be talking about this today and going back to the previous discussion the director was mentioning hey, it would be great to provide before and after results on hate but this is the first time we've provided
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before and after and so this is something we're planning on doing on hate and all the corridors as we continue to reflect and see if we are doing right now if we need to move how it works outlets talk about church for a moment how do you turn this thing on. >> enthusing cool thanks so we had four metrics we implemented this in march of 2013 to two years ago time flies and we had four metrics we connected one muni service on time performance and reliability this 3 walk section between 16th street to du bois was unreliable and so we
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moved to improve on time performance and travel times on the sidewalks and concerned with local circulation so the idea of taking a 4 lane street and turning it into essential two lanes for general purpose traffic and two lanes for pedestrians that will cause diversion and traffic spill over into the neighboring streets we were concerned and looking at that local circulation, in fact, we also- and that was really the first two metrics were based on creating the transmitted only lanes taking two lanes and turning them into transit eye only the other two metrics are how we implemented that transit lanes we decided to color it red this is the first stretch on the entire city that was colored red it was a passable way to call
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your attention to the fact those lanes are special if you are driving a car read the signs why the letters are red coloring the lanes red rather than painting a diamond on this we also wanted to see how the paint itself would do we used the same paint that new york city was your verdict u you're going contaminate and they've done a number of tests but they operate with a lot of ice and snow we don't have that but we have fog and heavy rains and environmental effects it is worth at looking at the duration ability of the paint we have ideally standards or substandard and i'm super pleased to report
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that the first 3 are in the ideal category i'll talk about the specifics and the red tape distributor abilities we're clarifying it, it is reilly performing as exterminate this is the ideal category but on the new service side we've seen travel times from 5 to 15 percent improvement on this stretch and depending on the time of day and things like that that's super existing we're talking about a minute off the travel time of the stretch that's impressive results and more exciting the liability e reliability on this stretch is up 20 percent so reliability is up higher than the travel time reduction and that super super exciting this is the good thing making the system for reliable
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we're super excited about that and this means that is tails in the normal distribution you know you'll look at a trip going 3 blocks takes 3, 3 and a half blocks in bad situation and maybe a minute or minute and a half this durability was causing concerns down the line by swedish those we'll narrowed the window how long that takes to get through those 3 plain clothes because of the red lanes i'm excited circulation wise we wanted to make sure we're not increasing delay on church street itself at the intersection of 16th street and du bois no major increase for automobile drivers with the exemption at du bois if you'll
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recall we had originally had the 22 lane the entire stretch an incident with the oral wires basically a bus it stretches the poles so we had an incident with the poles had to put the 22 back at the curve is runs like that today, we're seeing center delay and transit wise a bus to the that location but other than that the rest of the corridors is behaving well and let's looking at the direction around chavez no trips to report but nothing large transit lane violations we've compared violations on church street in this case we uses n
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judah and see lows violations on church street than n judah we think that is a huge skew about 7 percent violation on church and 12 to 15 on the n judah and so super successful from that standpoint people still drive in the red lanes but less frequent we look at the durability and at the transit stop you have a lot of friction from the vehicles starting and stopping in the mid block section and happy to report all 3 of those perform well, of course as you might expect at least well, was the traffic stop covered with the red paint it
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will last for 2 to 5 years and 90 percent - touch part at the traffic stop but the red lanes with doing well last thing we're moving forward from a pilot to the actual project we're going to go pursue a modifying those overhead wires so they stay in the extra lane. >> one quick question the modifications of the wires at the safeway stop do you have a rough timeline one or two years. >> i'll say a year i mean. >> i think a couple of things are in place i'm going to have someone look at the wires shortly because i'm in discussions with our staff on
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the configuration of the wires i'd like to get clear but the other piece of news the coaches that with our help and support we purchased will give us the i'm referring to the new trolley coaches is here and accepted and gone into limited service we're awaiting by the end of the year according to our schedule delivered and expect to have them in service by the end of - it gives us flexibility to run off wires we've proven to burger be able to run for great distances those are some of the issues with having to constrain the service because of configuration where we can it won't you know the mobility of the new coaches to run off wire
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is will help not always in all cases not to borrow you we have 3 overhead systems because of the railcars that were one polled l l r vs that where you think rudolph by the p pcs run introduce this the wire configuration could take sometime if we - but i also - there are some new technologies that are used with bypass wires and other stuff we need to take into account thank you. >> this report mr. contend is fabulous it will be a resource for other cities that do not maybe have our resources our talents and motivation to do that i see visitors from around the bay area comprehending the red lanes and this starting to spread around the bay area when
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we have our visitors i can see that a big deal we marine from new york city about their paint and other cities because this report is careful this is great i'm looking forward to this i think that is going to be fantastic. >> one thick when we first implemented the southbound lanes on church and the northbound lanes i noticed a lot of trouble with the driver train and utilizing the red lanes and staying in the red lanes when the bus shelters was located on the side of the road outside the lane they were pulling ousted of the lanes as they're heading southbound on church started market to up until over to the curb it was kind of confuses as a passenger to be standing on the medium and have a bus pulling in behind you i'll
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encourage making a note to emphasize driving training and thinking about what it is infrastructure we leave in place at the curve if any at all i don't know if you can speak to that or have ideas that's something we should avoid condominium conversion with the operators and passengers a waiting for a vehicle. >> yeah. real quick we it was a pilot so we didn't want to start taking out infrastructure and then having to put it back you know put it back from the pilot was not successful or whatever so the first we could do it definitely we had people out there all times and go that way if didn't always worked out but. >> it was a while back i was thinking with this new change
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theirs infrastructure on the curve but i think it is worth putting thought into how to handle that difference. >> thank you. >> ms. bloomer and mirena burns. >> mr. toronto turned in a speaker card. >> hi. >> i want to not look a gift horse in the mouth it works great having the 22 in the extra lanes not trevor with the cars going straight and forward it helps with movement of traffic having a separate designated lane my only concern is about as a private car driver and a taxi driver going in this area people want to make left turns during the hours it would be great for additional signage it is mainly
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in the center infrastructure you think little turn restrictions it is great to make sure if it was duplicate no left turn hourly restrictions on the posts below and belief so to make sure that people know they can't make left turns during certain hours add that as the permanence it will be helpful to the private car owners and not create confusion thank you. >> anyone else want to address this board what's our pleasure. >> authentic approval. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it thank you very much ms. bloomer. >> discussion so closed session. >> .
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>> all right sfgovtv is back with us mta closed session the mta board of directors discussed the water control board we settled the case, no anticipated litigation motion to disclose or not disclosure. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? all the i's have it we're adjourned thank you. >> thank you very much thank you, mr. halley well done mr. haley.
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